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Department of Information Technology

This lab includes
  • Operating System Lab
  • Network Programming Lab

Operating System Lab

The objective of this lab is:

  • To familiarize students with the architecture of Unix OS.
  • To provide necessary skills for developing and debugging programs in UNIX environment.
The Learning Outcomes of this lab is:
  • Appreciate the advantages of Unix OS.
  • Develop and debug, C programs created on UNIX platforms.
  • Use and if necessary install standard libraries.

Network Programming Lab

The Networking Lab is equipped with the latest configuration of IBM computer (Compaq 515 is a 14.1-inch display laptop series powered by the AMD dual-core processors. It has operating system option from Suse Linux to Windows XP. It is based on the AMD RS780MN chipset and supports up to 8GB DDR2 RAM). In this laboratory students acquire skills of computer networking. They develop programs related to network programming and network communication in different computer languages on various platforms. This laboratory also has various network simulators. An emphasis has been given on practical approach to carry out networking experiments on a real time simulator like LAN Trainer.

The networking laboratory is equipped with following software:
  • Lan Trainer Software
  • NS2 Simulator
  • Matlab